The Miracle Soap?

The Chandrika Ayurvedic Soap

Nobody is paying me to do this but because I love this soap so much, I'm going to sing its praises anyway.

I accidentally discovered this soap a couple months ago while I was out looking for a body soap that was suitable for my sensitive skin. It was about a week after I ran out on my regular fragrance-free liquid soap that I decided enough was enough and it was time for me to re-stock. Even though the liquid soap cost more than RM25.00 for a half-liter bottle, I was determined to get it anyway because it was considered the cheapest among its range of fragrance-free specially formulated for sensitive skin soap. So out I went to my regular drugstore to get one. Just my luck, by the time I reached the store the bottled soap was out of stock.

Disappointed, I was determined to get a cheap naturally made soap bar instead. So on my hunt for that elusive soap off I went to all the small stores a short distance away from home. My last stop was at the nearby Speedmart store as I also wanted to pick up some groceries. While scanning the shelves where all soaps were on display, I almost gave up before my eyes suddenly spotted bars of soaps on the lower shelf. I picked one up and took a whiff. Mmmm, it smelled so fresh just like lemony sunshine - which I later found out was actually sandalwood - and it was so cheap too that I immediately grabbed hold of five soap bars all at once. Greedy, huh? I know.

After only a few days of using the Chandrika Ayurvedic Soap, I notice some favorable changes and I swear I will never use other soap ever again. To me, no other soap can even compare to this soap simply because:

1- The soap is made from mostly all natural ingredients: coconut oil, water, talc, sandalwood, lemon and ginger extract. And get this, it contains none of those sodium laurel sulfates or similar toxic ingredients that tend to irritate the skin.

2- It smells heavenly fresh and doesn't matter what time of day I use it, its refreshing smell wakes up my senses and perks up my mood. It smells so good that I always find an excuse to wash my hands with this remarkable soap. I've even tried it on my hair (which I don't recommend because even though it leaves my hair smelling lemony-sunshiny fresh it doesn't really wash off the grease.)

3- It is gentle on my skin - no more breakouts or rashes. Instead, it leaves my skin feeling smooth, soft and healthy. For a soap that costs less than RM2.00 a bar that is pretty amazing and goes to prove that you don't always need to pay premium for quality products.

4- The soap's rich lather not only cleanses the skin it also rids off dark spots. I notice even the dark patches under my arms are now gone. No, I'm not kidding. I myself was surprised too - pleasantly surprised, that is.

5- It doesn't leave my skin feeling taut and dry even though I have dry skin. Its moisturizing property is especially felt when the rough skin under my feet now feels softer too. 

6- The fresh smell lingers on my body for hours and hours, I kid you not - and if you wear your clothes right after having a shower using the soap, the smell will also linger on your clothes for quite some time. With a soap smelling this good who needs perfume.

Now that you know the reasons why I love this soap so very much, you can run along now and invade any store that sells the soap. Just don't get it from the Speedmart store I frequented, though for I don't want to be disappointed yet again when my favorite soap runs out of stock much too soon.

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